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An international sportsperson route is being launched and  Tier 5 routes are being rebranded

For professional sporting workers, the new International Sportsperson route will replace the T2 and T5 Temporary Worker routes with simplified, dedicated visa arrangements.

 The new route will continue to offer a dedicated option for everyone wishing to come for 12 months or less but will bring together the T2 and T5 offers into one dedicated category, thereby making it more straightforward for professional sportspeople and their sponsors to access. 

Similar to the previous route, this one requires both endorsements from sports governing bodies as well as club sponsorships. 

The route is points-based to bring it in line with the points-based system and there is a requirement to demonstrate English language ability for those who apply for a stay that exceeds 12 months.

The Tier 5 Temporary Worker routes are being rebranded with the launch of new application forms and all references to the old T5 system being removed. This the approach will make the Immigration Rules governing these routes easier to find and deliver better service for customers. These changes will deliver a dedicated route for temporary creative workers, who will be subject to the same requirements and be subject to the same grant conditions. The separation of the old T5 Creative and Sporting Worker route will deliver a Temporary Work – Creative Worker visa which recognises the unique requirements of the sector. Consequential amendments are being made to Appendix AR to provide a right of administrative review for eligible decisions under the new International Sportsperson route and the re-branded Temporary Worker routes.

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