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Manish Software Engineer

Many thanks Kamal & Sunita for all your assistance with my family's ILR and Naturalisation applications. Your help, advise and attention to details made the whole journey really smooth and a hassle free experience. I will most definitely recommend your services for any immigration matter to all my family and friends.

Ritesh Gaur IT Contractor

We would like to compliment Mr. Kamal for, excellent service he provided during Visa (ILR) application. His professionalism and ability helped us to prepare all necessary documents on time. Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended.

Prince Paily Finance Manager

I had applied for my Tier 1 extension and ILR through Kamal and was extremely impressed with his professionalism and keen eye to detail. He kept us informed about the required documents well in advance. He is well aware of all visa related regulations and up to date with any changes. I would strongly recommend Kamal and for a stress free and smooth visa application.

Basant Gautam Southall, London

I am extremley happy with kamal's service and grateful for his through guidance for my ILR visa applicatin based on 10 years long residency. I found him to be very competent and well updated on his field.

    Ratika Vertical Head, Media

    I was extremely impressed by Kamal's work ethic, especially his willingness to work on a Sunday when I couldn't make time to visit his office over the week to have my documents checked. It's very rare to find this level of commitment. He clearly knows his work and stayed available on the phone for my questions, patiently answering even the most basic ones. Kamal and Sunita appear to be well recognized at the Home Office, which is another plus. All in all a positive and successful experience.

    Abderrahmen El Mohri Civil Engineer

    I did apply for the EEA family permit visa for my wife and I was extraordinarly surprised of the great job of the staff of ukvisaexpert. In a rush to get the visa as everyone who want to bring his wife or family living with him, I had been assisted with the preparation of all required documents and ukvisaexpert did also the application for me. The best news was that after less than three weeks of the application my wife got her visa. I would really recommend ukvisaexpert.Guys don't think "I will do the application by myself", trust me go ahead with ukvisaexpert you gonna be really satisfied, especially with the excellent customer service they provide at better prices than many others.

    Kyle & Kessuda

    I would like to thank UK Visa Expert for their help on my FLR application. We were in contact everyday whilst Kamal and his staff would advise if I have the correct documents etc. I will definatly be using Kamal again as all the pressure was certainly taken away as Kamal had everything in order.

    Basant Gautam Southall, London

    I am extremley happy with kamal's service and grateful for his through guidance for my ILR visa applicatin based on 10 years long residency. I found him to be very competent and well updated on his field.

      Naveen Kumar J IT Consultant

      I would like to take this opportunity to thank UK Visa Expert for the services provided for my ILR application. Service provided by Mr. Kamal & staff of UK Visa Expert was excellent & friendly, nevertheless their professionalism has been outstanding, price is competitive and their prompt response. I processed my Tier-1 visa with other firms but decision was not taken on same day due to lack of supporting documents but Mr.Kamal presented my application very well with supporting documents which case worker expects and decision was taken quickly. I will definitely recommend UK Visa Expert firm to anyone I come across.

      Ilse Fouche

      Kamal is absolutely outstanding. I would recommend to everyone I know. They provide extra care for their clients and make you feel at ease all the time. I thought that the process of applying for my ILR would be very stressfull but Kamal and Laxmi made me feel at ease throughout the process. This is a superb service and everyone one that's applying for any visa should use them. Very satisfied customer.

      Bindu Konathala Quality Assurance Manager

      Thanks Kamal so much for your help in getting ILR done for me and Anand. Your advice was very professional and up to the mark. We really like your prompt responsiveness to all our queries. I appreciate Sunita's help as well in processing our application. She is very professional in giving advice.

      Grish Chopra Nibthwaite Road

      It was really pleasure to have Kamal to do my Visa work. He was really helpful from day one when I first contacted him about the query related to my ILR application. He gave me time whenever required and help me thru out the process. I strongly recommend him for all Visa related to issue/queries.He really made my application process easy and get thru.

        Dr Pranveer Singh Software Engineer

        I found Kamal to be very pleasant and highly proficient in dealings with UKBA. He is up to date with the requirements for visa applications and checks all relevant documents thoroughly. I applied for an ILR and Kamal attended the Croydon office on the day I requested him to go. He kept me dully informed about the process and went an extra mile to return the documents out of hours. I would certainly recommend him to people who need a reliable, speedy and honest representation.

        Robin Owen Basson IT Contractor

        Hey Kamal, You can write what ever you would like to say ...... but ...... it must have the folowing: Kamal is awesome, he is simply the best. I was a terribly unorganized client and I had my visa the same day. Thank you very very much.

        Dr. Kazuya Koyama Finance Manager

        I had a very good experience in applying for indefinite leave to remain through Kamal. He is a professional and reliable advisor. My application was successful just within a week. There were several points that were not clear to me about the application and Kamal gave me good advice.He was very quick in replying to my enquiries and sent me updates on the day of the application, which was very reassuring. Kamal provides an excellent service at a very reasonable cost and I can recommend him to anyone who is looking for a reliable OISC registered advisor at a reasonable price.

        Jean O'Callaghan s

        Dear Kamal, Thank you for your professional help in our recent application for UK residency. We were very pleased with the advice given and the speed with which you completed the process. Your office close to Heathrow made easy road access for us as we do not live in London. I would recommend you to any other New Zealanders who are about to embark on this process. We wish you well in your endeavours.

          Dr Ajay Chakravarthy s

          I have used Mr Kamal and his associate's service in order to apply for the indefinite leave to remain in the UK and I have been extremely satisfied and impressed with the service they have provided. The fee charged was nominal when compared to the other solicitors providing the same service (which is nearly double) and the quality of service they provide is very high. All the documentation specifications were clearly specified in advance to me and someone from their office was always available to speak over the phone and via email. I got the ILR within a few hours on the same day. Overall, I would strongly recommend's service for a tension and hassle free IRL application.

          Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Wahab s

          My application for Tier 1 (General) was initially rejected because of one missing document even though I put a lot of effort and time in checking all the documentation!! I was frustrated and I decided to look for a solicitor to look into my case, even though I knew that would qualify under Tier 1 (General), but I did not want to risk it. I started searching online and Mr Kamal's name came-up and to be perfectly honest, I was a bit sceptical in the beginning, as it sounded too good to be true - Same day premium service! After doing a bit of research, I knew that OISC-registered advisors are given block appointments something which is not available for the public. Even if you want to get your own appointment through the UKBA you will simply struggle to get a slot. So, my advice is simple - pass on your case to Mr. Kamal - Don't look back as you will be in good hands. He provides a prompt and professional service. He even keeps you informed (via text messages) throughout the whole process which is very reassuring. Thank you, Kamal for your Premium service.

          Dr Bhanu Gupta Polisetty s

          This is to testify that, previously, when I have applied for Indefinite Leave to Remain, I was taken for a ride by the so called solicitors. On a lucky day whilest browsing through the net, I found Mr Kamal Kandel's name and I called him immediately. He took my job on the spot and he himself personally came to meet me at my work place (because of my busy schedule). Then there was no looking back. He took all of my papers, submitted them and without much waiting, the job was done. I think, so many single parent like myself, who are busy with a full time job and unable to spare the time for there immigration matters can completely rely on Mr Kamal Kandel, who is a through and efficient professional and I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of Home Office Help. He is also very ethical and reliable and gets the job done within the minimal of waiting times.

          Dr. Carel Theron Hetholdt s

          I can highly recommend Kamal Kandel’s professional service with regards visa/citizenship application. My case was clearly not straightforward, but Kamal easily addressed all the technical issues which allowed for a successful application. I was impressed with the way he told me to prepare my application; he then thoroughly checked all my documentation and personally submitted my application. Kamal reassured me during the process and his communication in general, but specifically on the day of submission was excellent. His fee for services rendered is without doubt the best in the market. Kamal I am indebted to you and will happily recommend you to anyone applying for any visa.

            Dr. Mohamed Ala Eldin Min Barkat Saeed s

            Mr Kamal is very professional Immigration Advisor who has a precise knowledge about the Immigration law. I came to know him from the feedback I have read in his website which emphasise the fact that he knows what he is doing. He accommodates my case in very short time and manages to get me the Tier 1 visa in same day without any problem. He provides an excellent service with reasonable price. I will definitely recommend him for anyone.

            Dr.Abdul Ghani s

            Kamal was professional, personable and flexible in dealing with my case. Due to his sincere efforts there were no problems with my application and I got my stamping done in one day only. He was always available for clarifying the doubts and queries. I was kept updated by him on the progress of each stage of my visa processing. I would be delighted to highly recommend his professional services to anyone seeking for their UK visa. It was very much time saving as well as cost effective service.

            Chaynika Negi s

            Kamal did a great job and took half of my tension, he asked for all the right documents, and it worked. I recommend any one who has got visa problems and don’t know how to go through, please contact Kamal. I am convinced that Kamal knows his subject very well and from the bottom of my heart thank him ever so much and God bless him

            Natalia Caldare s

            Kamal proved to be very efficient and quick when assisting me for applying for a Post-Study Work Visa. It was a matter of days and Kamal made the application to the Home Office even faster than initially agreed. I recommend him without any hesitation in handling your case regardless of its complexity.

              Angus Haig s

              Kamal was very helpful and showed excellent knowledge and experience in dealing with my ILR application, without which I likely would have had to reapply. He has completed many UK visa applications successfully so knows the system very well and what is required. He was very personable and flexible in dealing with my business, as I could often only meet after normal work hours or weekends. I highly recommend his professional services to anyone in a similar situation.

              Ganapathy S. Nararajan s

              I had a very comfortable experience in processing my ILR through Kamal Kandel. He was meticulous in checking the documents and also asking for specific supporting documents to get a positive outcome. He is very professional in his approach and always available for clarifying the doubts and queries which boosts the confidence level. I won't hesitate to recommend Kamal to my friends who need quality and cost effective visa processing service. Well done and keep it up Kamal!

              Xiaobo Tang (Rolland) s

              Mr. Kamal Kandel is a warmed-hearted person who gave me a great hand at the very moment that I failed to make any reservation from UKBA within my visa term. Due to his efforts, my visa problem was finally resolved in an incredibly fast term, I mean, just two working days. Therefore, I would like to avail myself to recommend his service to all people who may face difficult visa situation. With his scrupulous and efficient work, it is no longer necessary to worry about your visa problem. Just send your documents and have a cup of tea, everything including your visa will go back to you over just a sweet dream. All in all, Mr. Kamal is the most trustworthy visa advisor that I ever met.

              Tulshi Naik s

              I must say I was really impressed with your service and off course with your cup of tea and cookies. It was very easy for me and when I needed it. So many thanks for your help. Please feel free to use my statement for your testimonial. And if I know anyone needs service I will surely recommend your service.

                Sharmili Sathiamoorthi s

                He walked me through each stage carefully and was very straightforward in the dealings. He accommodated me in less than 5 days notice at a reduced cost you could never find with other visa services. I am glad i found this service, and would highly recommend Kamal.

                Stephen Gale s

                I contacted Kamal to sort out my Indefinitely Leave, having had a nightmare on a previous visa extension. I was very impressed by the quick and professional service that Kamal provided. He was very thorough and his charges were the best in the market. I was very happy with the level of service provided and would definitely recommend him.

                Dr.Dilip G Nair s

                I took Mr. Kandel's services to apply for ILR for my family and would definitely recommend him especially if one needs a visa stamped urgently. Once you clear all your doubts either over the phone or email, ensure the documents are in order and submit it to him, it is a matter of a week at the most. He is friendly, accommodative and his office is conveniently located close to Hounslow station. You can also send the documents by recorded post as an alternative if you wish. I recommend his services as a reliable OISC registered advisor. Thanks Mr. Kandel.

                Amit Gautam s

                I had a very good experience in the processing my Tier 1 (General) application through Mr. Kamal Kandel. I have been long thinking for applying my Tier 1 visa and when I came to know that I am eligible for it under new rules I thought of getting it done. I had a chat with various Visa consultants available in market but after a initial chat with most of them I found that either they are not very good at what they are supposed to do or they have an exorbitant consultancy fee ( I mean £ 1000 for just consultation!!). Luckily I came in contact with Kamal who is not only good at his work but his services are a true value for money. I can bet that you can’t find anyone better at a similar fee. Starting from reviewing the documents, guidance for getting any missing documentation, filling of application form (which is quite daunting) and finally representing your case at home office, Kamal does everything for you with utmost professionalism and honesty at a very reasonable price, probably the best for same day applications. Due to his sincere efforts there were no problems with my application and I got my stamping done in one day. I would definitely recommend his service to all others seeking for their UK visa. Thank You Kamal for all your help and support in getting my Tier 1 visa done.

                  Sreejesh Radhakrishnan s

                  Thanks a lot for helping me with the paper work and representing me for the premium service to UK boarder agency. You are one of the most fine professional I have interacted with. Your work and personal bonding with the client to understand the situation and suggestion is really appreciable.

                  Mrs Rajini Prakash s

                  It was an absolute pleasure to work with Mr Kandel on the ILR visa application. He made the process simple and quick with his pleasant and professional approach. I would highly recommend Mr Kandel to anyone wishing to avail visa related services.

                  Allysa Corner s

                  I would like to thank you, Kamal for your professional, cost effective and very fast service in getting me my ILR visa. I would be delighted to recommend you to any other person looking to apply for an ILR visa.

                  Mark Kensley s

                  I would just like to give a big thanks to Kamal for all his efforts and professionalism in dealing with my Indefinite Leave to remain application. My case was not straight forward but he made all requirements very clear and a great deal of due diligence was completed before my application was submitted. This was a good service at a very reasonable cost.

                    Rohit Upadhyay s

                    My case of having ILR (Indefinite Leave to remain) was straight forward but only thing that was required to have it done within a week. I had taken an in person appointment from home office for premium service to get it done on same day but I got that appointment after a month.I got reference of Kamal when I was searching information on internet for some immigration advisor then I got to know about Since that was my first interaction with Kamal so I also verified on OISC website where he is registered under same given OISC registration number. I contacted Kamal through email which he promptly responded.I submitted my documents with Kamal on Tuesday for ILR and got my ILR visa done on Wednesday (Next day) and that was quite quick which solved my objective of getting it done in a week. During processing of my ILR visa, I was kept updated by Kamal on the progress of each stage of my visa processing which is quite convincing about his credibility. I will surely recommend Kamal for best immigration services in case of ILR or any other immigration services.

                    Abdul Qadir s

                    I went to Mr Kamal for my ILR case. Having consulted with couple of other immigration consultants / solicitor; I came across the website of and called Kamal. Within 1st minute I was convinced that I am talking to an expert as well as honest professional person. He is one of most honest and most expert immigration professional I ever met. I am referring my friends to him and would strongly recommend anyone who has business with UKBA to consult him. HE IS GREAT.

                    Dr. Manjunath Hirae s

                    Thanks to Mr Kamal as I was successful in getting my ILR through him. Kamal is a very nice gentlemen, hard worker and his services are quite efficient with good updates. He is very talented, honest and his up-to-date skills make him the most reliable OISC registered advisor. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone for the purpose of immigration services as he is having an aptitude of winning battle with the home office.

                    Dr. Ashraf Koronfel s

                    It was an excellent services provided on a short notice for reasonable price. Mr Kandel was very helpful and took my application very personal, I definitely recommend him for visa services and be sure you won't regret that.

                      Venkata Rajesh Arigela s

                      I am very much thankful to you for the support and dedication you showed in obtaining our Tier1 visa extensions. You were very clear with the requirements of the documents which made me feel confident. I totally feel that choosing you as my lawyer is one of the best things I ever did. Thanks again.

                      Sujit Singh s

                      Kamal was very spontaneous and quick to process my ILR application. Throughout my ILR application he kept me updated with application. I found him very reliable and professional throughout the process. I could not believe he was so quick and fast that got my ILR in 3 days after submitting my paperwork to him. I would strongly recommend anyone to use his services for any home office related matter.

                      Ruth Mwelwa s

                      I applied and obtained indefinite leave to remain through Kamal. He offers a great service at a reasonable price. It was impossible to get an appointment for the premium service and I didn’t want to submit a postal application and wait for weeks or months for a decision. I strongly recommend him to anyone wishing to get same day decision from UKBA.

                      Raman Sharma s

                      This is just a small note to say a big thank you for the quick & efficient service I received from Kamal. He took ownership in keeping me informed at all times. He was very professional & exceeded my expectation. I would strongly recommend him as he is highly efficient, proactive & charges very reasonable fees.

                        Hazzaz Imtiaz s

                        Mr. Kandel provided some critical information regarding the documents I needed for my Tier 1 application. He is very friendly and reliable. I would definitely recommend him for any immigration services.

                        Dr. Ajaya s

                        Mr Kandel facilitated our application for indefinite leave to remain in the UK. He was efficient, courteous and most importantly delivered on time. I have no qualms about wholeheartedly recommending his service.

                        Satpati Tapas / Karamjeet Kaur s

                        Thanks very much for your prompt service and help with our ILR application. It was perfect. Your effort is very much appreciated and would definitely recommend my other friends to you. Keep up the good work.

                        Dr Rajashekhar Bangalore s

                        I got my ILR through Kamel. I was a bit apprehensive at first, as I had just got his name off the net and not through any contact. My fears were soon dispelled as I found him to be very efficient in dealing with my visa. He did exactly as he said he would do-I submitted my application to him on a Tuesday, he got my visa done on Thursday and I picked it up on Friday. No more waiting in long queues. So; if anybody is looking for urgent UK visa service then he is a good option and on the basis of my experience, would recommend him.

                          Dr. Mohammad Bader s

                          It has been a really great experience. Kamal accomodated us on a very short notice and provided an excellent service. Value for money. Keep it up. Definitely recommended.

                          Bharat Kumar Madamanchi s

                          Kamal helped me in getting same-day ILR at a short notice; entertained late evening appointments, knows what kind of documents Home Office personnel need for same day decision, an honest professional and last but not the least, a reasonable consultation fee, would recommend for home office services.

                          Dr. Alok Jha MD, DCP s

                          I asked Mr Kandel to help me with ILR. He was very helpful, kind and sympathetic. His approach was systemic and through. He was always approachable and easy to contact. He handled the documentation well, and got the job done in time as promised. The rates were very competitive and cheapest in the market. I recommend him highly for his services and wish him good luck and prosperity in future.

                          Rev. J.K. Robert Charles s

                          Our experience with Mr. Kandel's service was outstanding. His approachability and professionalism is truly commendable. With the same day service, Mr. Kandel made every effort to help me and my family to obtain our ILR. I would certainly recommend Mr. Kandel for immigration services as his fees also is very reasonable for the prompt and the excellent service he renders. God bless you, Mr. Kandel for being a blessing to us. May God make you a blessing to many!

                            Gopalakrishnan M Hariharan s

                            I would like to thank Mr. Kamal Kandel for his efficient service in helping me and my family get ILR. He followed up on the process timely and kept me updated with the status of application. I would also like to mention that his service has been fast, reliable and affordable.!

                            Dr.Mohammed Shaaban s

                            I am very happy with the service I had from Mr Kandel, it was professional, honest and fast service in a reasonable price, I am definitely recommending my Friends to use his expert services.

                            Samuel Ideozu, London s

                            Just want to say a big thanks to Mr Kamal Kandel, I never knew people can be this honest and dedicated, accessible just name it... to their job as Kamal. I am Samuel Ideozu a Nigerian, I finished my masters programme in Architecture University of Greenwich London. Kamal helped me to secure my Post study visa on same day. He is just too nice and I highly recommend him for any transaction without any fear. Well done and May God Almighty bless your step and whatever you do in life. I am just too happy.Thanks!!

                            Rajesh Kumar, IT Consultant s

                            Kamal Kandel provided an excellent Immigration service, very realistic on committed dates. They are very professional and friendly to approach. I will definitely approach and recommend them for Immigration services.

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